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C&M  StoneWork

In 2017 we were approached by Andrew Inglis, former Head Gardener at Balmoral Estate to construct an Orchard, Amphitheatre and various other features as part of a Botanical gardens in Mallards Estate, Isle of Man. Working closely with Andrew’s team of gardeners we have created complex works which will last for generations, significantly adding to the cultural heritage of the island. Our work on the island continues with many more exciting projects to come, Including ancient, Japanese and New Zealand gardens and wetlands.

 C&M Current Projects

 Mallards Estate, IoM 2017 - onward

C&M  StoneWork

We have been working with Stoneworks Lippert on this extensive project in Switzerland for nearly 5 years. One of the only natural passes through the Swiss Italian Alps. The Grand Saint Bernard monastery is dedicated to assisting pilgrims and travellers and is a milestone of the via Francigena walk from Cantebury to Rome, the monastery was founded around AD 1050 . Our work has involved repairing retaining walls around the monastery which protect a vital water pipe which provides water for the villages and towns below in the region of Valais.

 C&M Current Projects

 Grand-Saint-Bernard 2016 - onward

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C&M StoneWork

C&M StoneWork