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Carroll & Mullan StoneWork offer traditional and bespoke building services for both private and commercial clients. Our dedicated team can provide a wide variety of services including:

- Dry Stone                             Walling, Sculpture, Consultations, Training  

- Masonry                               Lime Mortar, Restoration, Stone Cladding

- Traditional                           Cobbling, Pebble, Patterns, Mosaic

- Bespoke                                Internal and External Installations, Features

Our policy is to give all projects, whether large or small, new-build or restoration, our undivided attention - from field and garden walls to artistic installations our work is always completed with a high emphasis on quality and craftsmanship. We design and build interior and exterior stone features working with raw natural materials to provide a cost effective alternative to modern counterparts.

We have a wide range of profesional contacts and have a close working partenship with Lippert Stoneworks based in Swizerland, this has enabled us to complete a wide variety of projects there. We have also worked extensively in the United Kingdom.  We have a wide knowledge of stone types and techniques which allows us to bring relevant knowldege and practical ideas to any project. We are proud to say we have been part of two DSWA (Dry Stone Walling Association) Pinnacle Award projects, the highest award the organisation offers. Our portfolio includes World Heritage sites as well as various projects of historical and cultural significance.

The core of our team have been close friends since childhood which gives us a unique working relationship that allows us to overcome difficult problems and situations. We have lived and worked in remote places such as the Swiss Alps, Isle of Skye, Isle of Man and Rural Wales. We were lucky enough to display Dry Stone Walling technique at the 2011 World Skills Fair London and have worked closley with the DSWA to help promote the training of Dry Stone Wallers for future generations, playing a role in the creation of a bursary scheme run by the association to provide on the job training for future Dry Stone Wallers. We are now in the process implementing the creation of a test centre on the Isle of Man  to help with the training and qualification of wallers on the island.

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